DISC Certification

Let Dr. Sandra Steen Certify YOU and your team as DISC Instructors:
In the midst of expansive growth and constant change, professionals need to be able to adjust and change rapidly. Today’s Leaders must be able to inspire others to peak performance. This certification course will be structured to maximize the understanding of DISC personality profiles through various exercises of learning and case studies. Each participant will learn:

• DISC Theory and background
• Behavioral principles
• How to administer and interpret DISC profiles
• How to interpret DISC graphs
• Interpretation of behavioral case studies
• Behavioral compatibility
This session will also explore the dynamics of how to keep a team focused and enthused, how to take advantage of individual strengths and augment opportunities and how to develop team trust. After this session, you will be able to lay the groundwork for interpreting DISC personalities which can create assured success by taking the first steps toward true change. This change will mean achieving new levels of camaraderie and maximizing team effectiveness.

Certified DISC Instructors will be able to administer the personality profile to organizations; and they are licensed to conduct DISC workshops to their ideal clients. You are required to pass the exam to complete the certification process.

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Professionals
Non-profit Organization Executive Directors
Church Leaders
Corporate and Business Leaders/Managers/Supervisors

The DISC profile is one of the most useful tools available to coaches, companies and non-profit organizations today. The DISC profile can be applied in the areas of:

Hiring the right employee
Employee and volunteer placement
Team building
Leadership development
Conflict resolution and prevention
Stress management-
Counseling and consulting
Career guidance