"Dr. Steen is really smart and has a lot of information to share. I scheduled my first coaching session with her and I want to say that more happened in those 45 minutes than had happened in almost 10 years of my life."
    Linda Coplin
    Outreach and Prevention Coordinator
    Davie County Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Services
    "I have managed 120 million dollar books of business with AT&T, several hundred accounts, and had several people reporting in to me. But I'll tell you, it was two years ago when I went through the certification with Dr. Steen and that is when things really started taking off for me. I started noticing a real and expedited collapse in my sales funnel."
    Marques Holmes
    CEO of Marques Holmes Consulting
    "I've actually been drawn to DISC from time to time over the years. I've wondered about it but I never took the plunge because quite frankly, I didn't think I needed it. I'm glad I didn't jump in before, because if I had I would have missed out on experiencing the amazing Dr. Steen.
    "I could have trained with somebody else that I'm sure would have done a good job, but I wouldn't have benefited from Dr. Sandra Steen's insights, her warmth and her passion. She brings a certain something that can't be replicated and she has so much experience, so many valuable insights that she is willing to share and that's why I'm planning to stay connected. It's been a long time since I had a mentor who has added so much value."
    Lynne Lee
    Owner of Christian Life Coaching
    "I love technology I love the virtual atmosphere, we had great questions and we were able to make a connection. Dr. Steen is stellar as an instructor… it’s rare that you can find someone who has the experience and the ability to give you insight on how you can apply DISC to your practice. It’s been great help to me in my ability to service my clients. I was the millennial of the group, and you are never too young to master these skills, if you are looking to get ahead, I encourage to sign up of this certification, it will change your business and your life."
    Nicole Azaan
    V.I.P. Relationship Coach
    "I was extremely excited to find you after spending 20 years in Corporate America. I was looking to make a change and start my own company. I realized as a communications major there was still a lot I had to learn about how to communicate effectively with people. When I found your online DISC Certification program, I was able to modify my schedule and adapt to the online schedule perfectly."
    Esther Pipoly
    LOLA - Loss of Life Advocates


Sandra Steen

Dr. Sandra Steen is a prolific modern-day thought-leader. Dr. Sandra Steen's high-energy, dynamic leadership has been lauded and implemented globally, her cultivated insights & proven assessments reveal latent potential for a variety of diverse and multi-generational audiences. These audiences have included fortune 500 corporations, universities, non-profits, churches and individuals of all backgrounds. More ...

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